Custom 12v Solutions - Built for Purpose

Project Overlander understands the conditions your 4WD will be put through, we also travel extensively throughout the country to remote areas living out of our vehicles for long stretches at a time.

A Dual Battery System is made up of a number of components like DC-DC Chargers, Solar Regulators, Inverters, Battery Monitoring systems(BMS), Lithium or AGM deep cycle batteries.

This is just some of the hardware that will create the best Dual Battery System to suit your requirements.

High Tech - Easy Use

Dual Battery Systems are often portrayed as being high tech and difficult for the end user to understand and operate. Yes, the components are 'High Tech' but there is no need to be concerned about a Dual Battery system and how to use or maintain the  batteries. 

A well set up system will make it easy to monitor the state of charge that is currently in the batteries at any time and will also give you an indication of how the charging system and your appliances are performing.

Popular Brand name components such as Redarc, Enerdrive, Victron, Revolution, ARB etc, are popular for a reason.

Project Overlander not only uses the highest quality components, we also use the best and appropriate hardware to bring the whole system together.

This includes the correct cable size specific to each part of the system and outlets.

The correct fuse type and size, matched to the cable rating and the appliance.

Protection and insulation where needed most to protect from the elements and conditions.

We also understand the importance of cable length and quality soldered lugs and fittings.

What Makes a Great 12v System?

The start of a top quality Dual Battery System and what will work best for you is a “conversation” The team at Project Overlander will run through the key points of your project and will install a practical and reliable system to suit your 4WD and needs.

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  • 240v Mains Power

    Project Overlander can also install 240v mains power inlets, breaker and powerpoint outlets to your 4WD, caravan or camper trailer. This is installed and signed off by a qualified electrician.

All of these considerations are what make the workmanship and final product as being the best quality 12v electrical installation available.

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