GEN 2 Boss 270 Awning

100% Australian Made

Lighweight - 24kgs

Free Standing 270 Awning

The Awning

The Construction

The Boss 270 awning achieves its free-standing ability through it's highly engineered Tri-Axis hinge. This uses 12mm Stainless Steel bolts with an aluminium chassis. 

The Coverage - 10m2

Providing a huge 10m2 of coverage our freestanding 270 Awning is sure to protect you from the harsh Australian conditions.

Premium Australian Made Canvas

Utilising the Wax Converters Coolabah T/S 304gsm dynaproofed canvas, the Awning provides the ultimate protection from harsh Outback conditions.The oversized bag is made from Heavy duty 520gsm PVC. Due to the oversized design the awning packs away with ease.


We have mounts to suit the Boss RT1 Roof Top Tent, Boss Aluminium Roof Racks/Canopies, and universal mounts. Please speak to our team if you have any queries or concerns. It is essential that what you are mounting to is suitable for the weight and stress when open.

Features of the Boss 270 Awning

Manufactured in Australia

Brilliantly designed lightweight and durable aluminium chassis arms.

Tri-axis gusseted aluminium hinge offers outstanding structural durability.

Hinge utilises 12mm stainless steel bolts and CNC machined acetyl bushes for long life.

Wax Converters Coolabah T/S 304gsm dynaproofed canvas.

Heavy duty 520gsm PVC storage bag.

Superbly engineered construction negates the need for vertical support poles.

Awning is 2425mm long and weighs just 24kgs.

Suits aluminium canopies and a wide range of roof racks with optional mount brackets.

Optional wall kits in development.

Lifetime warranty on workmanship, 5 year canvas warranty.


Utilising the same Wax Converters Coolabah T/S 304gsm dynaproofed canvas, as seen in the Boss 270 Awning and RT1 Roof Top Tent. The awning walls provide additional shelter. Being completely universally compatible across all awning sides, you can purchase individual walls or as a set to suit your needs. The walls are compatible with multiple vehicle heights due to the unique angled design.

Lets Build your dream 

'Project Overlander'

From drawers and pantry units to custom dual battery systems, we can design the perfect fit-out to suit your needs.
Quality construction and attention to detail combine together to create a premium finish and superior product.

If you are looking for a quality custom fit-out for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have the range of products and expertise to be your one-stop shop.

Completed with high quality acessories such as Torqit Performance systems, REDARC electronics and GVM upgrades, lets build your dream Overlander...