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The Fitout

Our Fitout is built from 3mm Aluminium and completed with a quality powder coat finish. Made to suit an 85ltr Bushmans upright fridge.

Getting the right sizing, dimensions and look takes a lot of experimenting. The primary objective of maximising storage must be kept in mind while not compromising too much on ease of access and comfort.

Our Fitout is currently available in one model with variations to suit:
- Upright 85ltr Fridge
- Chest Fridge/Freeze
- Bed conversion
- Project Overlander Dual Battery packages

Standard Inclusions

Driver Side

Bushmans 85 ltr upright housing module with an optional premium colour-coded powder coat finish
Aluminium Fridge housing with laser-cut ventilation
550mm wide drawer unit
Full-length Benchtop cabinet
Pullout laptop/workbench
Battery Box with Shelve module on top
1 shallow full-extension drawer located under the fridge

Passenger Side

Large deep full-extension drawer
Bench seat with lift-off hatch
Storage box behind the passenger seat
Provision for Remote GPO Outlet on Passenger side rear facing wing

See it in action

Dual Battery System

We have designed our Fitout with a Dual Battery System in mind. Our Dual Battery System uses the latest and highest quality products on the market. Combined with a neat and comprehensive installation, we pride ourselves on our setups. Our REDARC package is designed for high performance and easy use. Utilizing the Manager 30 platform, charging and monitoring your system is easier than ever.

The Overlander Power System includes

Invicta Lithium 12V 200Ah Lifepo4 Battery Bluetooth

7 Year Warranty when registered at the time of purchase

Built-in BMS designed for high output standards

Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone monitoring

REDARC Manager 30 Battery Management System W/ RedVision Display

Multi-Stage AC-DC Battery Charger

Multi-Stage DC to DC Charger

Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Regulator

Improved, 4.3” coloured RedVision display battery monitor

RedVision display allows connection to Smartphone via App

Dual Battery Isolator

Load Disconnect Controller

Super quiet operation

Charges AGM, Gel, Calcium content, VRLA, Standard Lead Acid and Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries

Tested to mains power safety standards in Australia


Pure Sine Wave output

Input and output are fully isolated

Multiple levels of protection; overload, short circuit and over temperature and load-controlled cooling fan


10x 10A dimmable outputs

8x inputs allow for use with physical switches

Compact size

On-board smart fuses

Streamlined installation and configuration

Fully programmable*

Accurate analogue tank level inputs


1x Dimmable 60cm Dual Colour Strip Light

1x Dimmable 30cm Dual Colour Strip Light

Switching and Sockets - 1x Dual CIG, 2x Dual USB

*Additional and locations to be confirmed

Solar Input - Towbar Mounted

Fridge Power Outlet

Travel Buddy/Anderson Accessory outlet

All cabling, hardware, consumables and Labour

78 Series Accessories Fitment

Project Overlander Maxtrax Table

Project Overlander Utility Panel

Project Overlander Utility Panel

Bar Work

Offroad Animal Toro Bar

The Offroad Animal Toro Bar offers adequate protection in a lighter bar. This bar also features more aggressive styling and is a tighter fit to the vehicle body. For those wanting to prioritise looks and weight while not compromising too much on protection, this bar is for you.

ARB Bull Bar

Tried and tested the ARB Bull Bar offers great protection in a traditional styling. Additionally you can run ARB's Side Steps and Rails.

ARB Bull Bar

Tried and tested the ARB Bull Bar offers great protection in a traditional styling. Additionally you can run ARB's Side Steps and Rails.


Thorburns Gullwing

Increase the acessibility of your Troopy with the Thorburns Gullwings. These are made from 6mm aluminium and feature an inbuilt gutter.

Rear Bar

Thorburns Rear Bar

The Thorburns Rear Bar looks fantastic and has a range of accessories to go with it. The rear-quarter protection stops short of your flares meaning you do not need to cut your flares to fit the bar. Additionally, the LED reverse lights provide great vision when reversing at night. They look great and mount really securely to your vehicle.

From drawers and pantry units to custom dual battery systems, we can design the perfect fit-out to suit your needs.
Quality construction and attention to detail combine together to create a premium finish and superior product.

If you are looking for a quality Fit-out for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have the range of products and expertise to be your one-stop shop.

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