Protector Series Freestanding 270 Awning - Fast Setup, Massive Shade

Totally Freestanding 270 Awning

The Camp King Protector Series Awnings offers easy setup and packdown with its totally freestanding design. No more poles.

Hand Crafted

Camp King Industries Protector Series Awnings are all handcrafted in Brisbane. The frame is all TIG welded and joined and the canvas is hand sewn to ensure the right fit. Aussie materials and Aussie labour help create a truly premium product.

Strong and Sturdy

With high profile extrusions and an incredibly sturdy 6mm bracket the Camp King Awning is going to survive even the harshest of environments. If you’re looking for the best 270 awning, you might just have found it.

Tried and tested

The Camp King Protector Series has seen hundreds of hours of testing to ensure it will hold up to the weather and keep you protected from the elements. For added safety, we have included anchors for securing the awning if required.