Landcruiser 79 Series

A Capable Platform

Trays and Canopies

Thorburn's Fabrication canopies are constructed from 3mm Aluminium and fully tig welded to give you a lightweight touring solution ready to tackle any Overlanding you throw its way.

A completely modular design allows you to fully customise your unit to suit your needs.

100% Australian made and built to last. We can provide a tray and canopy setup for your 79 Series to suit your application

Performance Upgrades

Performance upgrades aren't always about just going faster - although thats not a bad result. Loading up your vehicle will affect its peformance. 

Unlock the power of your Toyota 70 Series with the Safari ARMAX Package. The Safari ARMAX range of products has been designed in conjunction with one another to provide the ultimate package.
- ARMAX Snorkel
- ARMAX Clutch
- ARMAX Oil Separator and Fuel Pre-Filter
- ARMAX Turbo

Project Overlander Fit-outs

Complete your tray and canopy package with a Project Overlander Premium fit-out.
This customer opted for a:
✅ Bushman Fridges 85ltr Upright Fridge
✅ Project Overlander black powder-coated aluminium fridge housing
✅ Project Overlander slide-out pantry complete with travel buddy/coffee station, utensil drawer, wooden chopping board/prep table and adjustable shelving
✅ REDARC Electronics Manager 30 with Redvision screen
✅ 200amp Lithium Battery with 2000w Inverter
✅ ECOXGEAR Speaker

We have a range of our own designs to suit your setup.

Bar work

Suspension and GVM Upgrades

Complete Build Management

From Bullbars to Dual Battery Systems, we can design the perfect build to suit your needs.
Quality construction and attention to detail combine together to create a premium finish and superior product.
We work with the best to deliver the best.

If you are looking to complete a quality build for your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have the range of products and expertise to be your one-stop shop.

Completed with high quality acessories such as Torqit Performance systems, REDARC electronics and GVM upgrades, lets build your dream Overlander...

Lets Build your dream 

'Project Overlander'